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BlackishArt is a platform where Black artists take their rightful place in history and Art History.

We are a Black owned, female owned company that has created an art box that celebrates Black and Brown artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. Representation matters! Join us in exploring the art and artists that have transformed culture! We are excited to partner with you to make Black art a part of your cultural experience!

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My name is Giliane St-Amand Green. I am an entrepreneur, an artist, designer, and creative.  It has not been easy finding resources and information about Black visual artists through significant art periods. For instance, no significant sources cited that Picasso's early inspiration came from African masks. Equally, there were limited sources that celebrated the contributions of Black and Brown artists. Many reputable outlets/sources failed to acknowledge that Black and Brown artists contributed to modern art development as a social construct when their work spoke powerfully to social injustices and man's inhumanity to man. Their presence, skill, and mastery of a particular medium or use of a specific element of art are missing from the discussion.  

It is safe to say that we have seen how the many years of systemic racism's racial inequity, that representation matters. "Representation matters because it can shape how [individual people groups] are viewed by society and how they view themselves."

Furthermore, "the powerful impact that representation has on audiences can't be ignored, and we must push for more representation and make sure to value the representation that we do get." Also, an article from states that "for some young students, portrayals of [different people groups] in the media not only affect how others see them, but it affects how they see themselves."

In light of these disparages, I have created a curriculum that highlights Black and Brown artists of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries with a monthly subscription art box. Each box gives subscribers the framework of the seven elements of art and how artists utilized them in their unique art style.

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