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Jolie Petite Fete is a sister company to Pour Etre Joli Events Inc.  PEJ started designing other special events that included children's parties, thus Jolie Petite Fete was born.  The lead designer and owner, Giliane is a mother of four and loves teaching her children and creating new and exciting ways to learn about God.  

So, what better way to reinforce a lesson than to plan and execute a birthday party with 

one of themes talked about during the year?  

During family worship, Giliane started noticing a trend with each child-they had a particular favorite Bible story and or book that they liked to read.  For instance, her first child fell in love with David, so his third birthday party theme was to incorporate David-the king of Isreal- as a boy who fought with the giant Goliath.  Giliane and her husband decided to try to reinforce the concept that "even when you are young or small- you can accomplish great things!"  The children played dress up and played games centered on this theme with the theme.  

The children had a blast! It was so much fun; both boys and girls loved the party.  

The  parents were amazed that there was so much thought put forward

for their child to enjoy, that they pulled out their cameras to record the event.  

Let Jolie Petite Fete help you create an unforgettable celebration for your little one!

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